Wedding Video Services

Filming your wedding with our quality video production services is our bread and butter, and we can say with confidence that you will be hard pressed to find someone better to capture every moment on your big day with the highest level of quality and affordability than Distinctive Video Productions. With over 10 years of experience and dedication to the wedding films craft along with numerous awards and accolades on, we handle each and every project with the utmost respect, dependability, and coordination.

Distinctive Video Packages:

Remember only video captures the sights AND sounds of your day. Photos cannot capture the vows, ceremony, toasts or excitement of the first dance.

$2,700- 8 HRS- One Cinematographer. The main events will be creatively recorded and edited into an 8-10 minute film, but not as extensive or cinematic as the two shooter package (I have 1/2 the footage). Limited bride and groom prep as I am setting up for the ceremony. Includes full ceremony and toasts. This is a great video to re-live the key moments in a simpler format. Cinematic Package

Cinematic Package - $3,700 – 8 HRS – Two Cinematographers. Much more engaging film is created with 2 shooters! Again, that means twice the files to create with. Includes lots of bride and groom prep which add a lot to your story! Also, more glide cam, gimbal shots for creativity! An 8-10 minute wedding film will feature highlights from each part of your day- bridal prep to the ceremony and reception highlights Delivered via the web so hundreds can see it. Includes full ceremony and toasts. Multiple camera angles at the ceremony and reception create an emotional, engaging more movie style wedding film. Popular add-ons to this package: see Love Story Interviews and Short Feature Film options.

A Cut Above. This package includes a longer 12-15 minute short feature film plus ‘love story interviews.'

A Cut Above - $4,500 – 10 HRS – Two Cinematographers. Complete coverage of your day. The same creativity of the above package with two additional hours of coverage for both shooters. Includes a longer 12-15 minute short feature film plus ‘love story interviews.’ (see add-ons for an explanation). There is more raw footage to create an even more compelling story of YOUR DAY!